How does Instant manifestation work? – Manifest Magically

I agree that if you try and consider instant manifestation you immediately believe it is something which a magician may come up with as he creates a bunny from a hat another trick of the eye which has everyone mesmerized.

For those sceptics it might just be a case of them saying that it’s all a load of crap since the heap of cash hasn’t appeared in front of them the instant they believe about it.

But think about it for a moment. If you apply the law of attraction to actually go to your own desires, i.e. you begin to go through the full process of visualising and understanding you will achieve your objectives, you will discover that one day it’s there before you and if that’s not instant manifestation I do not know what is.

When you haven’t seen the movie’The Secret’ there’s a brilliant story of a young boy with his heart set on a new bike. I will not spoil the story for you but the boy would like to get this bike with all his heart but there’s not any way he’s going to get it.

Now that can surely be described as instantaneous manifestation as one minute the young boy does not have the bike but the next moment he does. What he did do was put in the effort ahead which made the instantaneous manifestation possible.

In this time of apparently instant gratification, people do not appear to be ready to wait and if they don’t get what they want straight away they believe there should be something really wrong. What they do not realise is that if you begin to place the law of attraction into practice something fantastic starts to occur and a series of events will start which could very well be regarded as instant manifestation.

Immediate manifestation is generally due to somebody deciding what they need and placing the law of attraction into practice. Therefore, a sudden influx of cash or meeting the person of your dreams might just occur just after you’ve’desired it’ so to speak and seem like immediate manifestation but it is more often than not due to you actually taking action and using the law of attraction to change your life forever.

So back to this magician, the instant manifestation may not be just like pulling a rabbit from a hat but it’s much better than any sort of magic I can consider.

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