The Emerging Atheist Culture: The Art Scene NSFW

I do not think any of us are strangers to some of the ridiculous arguments used by our religious neighbors to slam Atheists or just Atheism in general.  It has almost become a sport for us to shoot them down.  One of the not so commonly used ones has to do with the idea that Atheists have no culture or contribute nothing to culture, that our global culture is and always has been based on some sort of belief in the supernatural.  An easy argument to crush by simply pointing out the absolute wealth of popular secular music from the last several decades and that back when record stores were common, religious themed music was typically regulated to a small out of the way corner.  While the argument is pretty ridiculous and quite easy to pick apart, it does ask the question “What are we contributing to our global culture in the name of Atheism”?  Well, I recently had the privilege of attending the American Atheists convention in Salt Lake City and was blown away by countless examples what could be this emerging Atheist culture.  One in particular stood out: the art scene.  At its head was my friend Adam Brown.


The artist Adam Brown and his gallery

The artist Adam Brown and his gallery

Some of you may have heard the name Adam Brown before, he has been a staple in the Atheism scene for a number of years.  He and his wife Amanda Brown founded We Are Atheism  and its charity project Atheists Giving Aid.  The Browns have done everything from aiding and running local groups, to supporting national groups like American Atheists.  For their efforts in promoting Atheism, some have given them the nickname “The Atheist Power Couple.”  Too bad promoting Atheism rarely pays the bills.  To make a living, Adam works as a freelance artist.   It would seem that many of his pieces are inspired by this emerging Atheist culture.


He has a number of portraits of some of the more prominent scientists, activists, and entertainers within our community.


It’s me holding a portrait of the late great Madalyn Murray O’Hair and one that clearly shows Atheists have no issue (or should have no issue) with the female form.

One of the more interesting artistic services Adam offers has to do with memorializing those who have passed on.  He takes a portion of the cremated remains of your loved ones and incorporates them into an original painting. Some may look on this concept as a bit morbid but I cannot think of a more beautiful way for us free-thinking folk to remember our dearly departed.  Lacking a belief in an afterlife has forced us to develop a cultural response to our mortality and Brown’s take on this is something I hope catches on.  You can find all the details on this project and more here.  Adam is of course also selling prints and originals of everything you have seen here and more.  Worth a look and worth supporting in my humble opinion.

The next time someone tries to tell you that we godless folk have no culture, send them to Art From Ashes… and if that doesn’t work try making them watch Cosmos.

If you have a project that has the potential to contribute to our culture, feel free to send us the details so we can spread it around.