10 Ultimate Ways to Manifest Happiness, Health and Well-Being in the New Year

Happiness, health and well-being would be the”Ultimate Three Factors of Life” which you will need to manifest so that you could experience a great life, world and reality.

I would love to share 10 AFFIRMATIONS 10 WAYS and 10 MIND POWER QIGONG breathing exercises I have done and continue to do and which you can use to put yourself to health happiness and well-being.

1. Make a list that is grateful

3. Make meaningful Targets

4. De-clutter

5. Laugh out loud

6. Mindpower qigong

7. Meditate

8. Permit air that is fresh in

9. Spend some outside

10. Spend some outside

These are 10 ways to begin your journey in the year but can also function to create and establish health, happiness and.

Happiness was defined as an enduring and long-lasting joy of life. It’s being in love. Happiness might be defined differently for you than others. It is the pursuit of worth that are rational, the reward for attaining excellent personality and a condition of being. Some examples of values are the appreciated and positive treatment of others, a career that is productive and creative, having fun things to do and loving family relationships, positive interactions, effective friendships.

Health is obviously the state of being where you’re free from injury and sickness. Health depends – the psychological, the physical and the spiritual.

Well-being in use relates to health. But is a term that sums to your idea of your life are moving. The notion of well-being also includes what is”really,” really, good for you and not what you might believe is good for you. This can vary from person to person.

1. Make a thankful list

Get a pad of a pencil and paper and sit down in a location that is comfortable. Focus on experience in your life that improve your feelings of pleasure and all the things which you have. Write these on your list that is thankful and set the list in a place where you are able to read things and it every morning at the end of the day to it.

Affirmation 1 -“gratitude is certainly the best way to bring in more good things into my life.”

Qigong Exercise 1 – Require an abdominal breath and relax. INHALE, imagine that you’re standing outside on a gorgeous night with dark clear skies, stars shining bright everywhere and say to yourself, “gratitude is certainly the ideal way…” EXHALE, imagine that tens of thousands of nice silvery threads emanate from the solar plexus and each connects to a star in the world and say to yourself,”. . REPEAT this for several minutes feeling your connection to the world the world and your own reality.


Happiness is an attitude, not a condition. It’s a state of being. You will need to make the choice go out and to be happy and make the situation and discover what makes you happy.

Qigong Exercise 2 – Require an abdominal breath and relax. REPEAT this for a few minutes and with every breath, you feel happy and warm inside.


You require a sense of purpose to flourish. It’s been demonstrated that individuals with ambitions and dreams are happier than people without. There are areas of your life where goals can be created by you. Ask yourself,”What’s my purpose in life?” “What sort of life do I wish to make for myself?” These questions can allow you to define your targets and yourself.

Affirmation 3 -“I concentrate entirely on what I am doing and I’m happy and thankful that my goal was achieved.”

INHALE, imagine your target in your mind’s eye, see yourself doing the actions to accomplish your goal and say to yourself, “I concentrate entirely on what I am doing…” EXHALE, imagine that you’ve attained your goal, create a very clear picture of your achievement and say to yourself,”. .and I’m happy and thankful that my goal was achieved.” Repeat this with every breath and for a few minutes, sense and feel bring to you.

4. De-clutter

This is a very ideal and you will need to everything about your life if you would like a mind. And you might not realize that you are being affected by this personally, but there is a house ahead and you will feel better in an atmosphere that is orderly.

Qigong Exercise 4 – Require an abdominal breath and relax. INHALE, envision the cluttered regions of your house perhaps your cabinets, closets, bookcases, toilet, child’s room and say to yourself, “I won’t enable the area in my mind to become cluttered…” EXHALE, imagine what your house would look like all weeded out, organized and clean and say to yourself,”. .and I’ve removed the things that don’t add value to my life.” Repeat this and in the process, sense how fine your life that is coordinated feels.


It’s been proven that laughing releases endorphins and reduces the amount of stress hormones which are currently circulating in the body and your blood. Laughing is good for the soul and most of us know it can be when in the company of family members and friends.

Affirmation 5 -“I’m lightening up, laughing more, playing more, and fully embracing all that is happy in life.’

Qigong Exercise 5 – Require an abdominal breaths and relax. EXHALE and feel envision yourself laughing what it’s like to be laughing and put a smile on your face. Next put your hand on top of it and place your hand.


Through the use of mind power, you can make Abundance the Balance and Flow that’s essential for living. You can manifest a greater state. Learning how to control your breathing makes it possible to establish responses to fears the anxieties and anxieties that crop up throughout your day. Breathing brings contentment and peace.

Qigong Exercise 6 – Require an abdominal breath and relax. INHALE to get a count 1-2-3-4, PAUSE your breath to get a count of 1-2-3-4, EXHALE for a count of 1-2, PAUSE your breath. It’s here that you can learn how to control your own body, mind and soul.

7. Meditate

According and medical studies to the Dali Lama meditation reduces stress but also triggers although through tons of research.

Affirmation 7 -“attention and clearing my head produces a recovery stillness in my own.”

Qigong Exercise 7 – Take an abdominal breath and relax. INHALE focus your eyes on the tip of your nose and feel the air as it flows past your nostrils, EXHALE and gradually feel the air as it flows past your nostrils. REPEAT that 9 times making brushes. . .produces a recovery stillness in my own.” Take a minute and reflect on how you are feeling when finished.


Frequently the air within your place of residence gets stagnant and stuffy. Open a window and let some air in. Fresh air increases the amount of serotonin and is invigorating.

. Know the fresh air is good for psychological well-being and your health.

9. Spend some daytime outdoors

The exterior is thought of as yang. Daytime energizing and is yang. There’s nothing like the air, the outside, the trees, character and the daylight. Have a walk. Taking a walk, back and even just down the road, can clear your mind and increase your mood.

It lifts my mood and gives me energy.

Qigong Exercise 9 – Take an abdominal breath and relax. As you’re currently walking INHALE to a count of your footsteps 1-2-3-4 EXHALE into the count of your footsteps 1-2-3-4. REPEAT for many cycles till you have this pattern going well (fix your breath or your walking speed if necessary). . Be certain to smile at the end of every breath and repeat this to your walk.

10. Spend some nights outside

Nighttime is a wonderful time. In comparison daytime, it’s Yin too and it can have a peaceful and calming effect on the soul and your mind. You feel that the abundance of the Universe and may experience. Go out and find a place of light and marvel in the wonders of the Universe and the beauty of the night sky.

Affirmation 10 -“I’m being pulled from the infinite field of possibilities to my authentic self and the life of my dreams.”

Qigong Exercise 10 – Find a place that is wonderful outside at night where you could examine the sky with minimum extraneous light. Put your hand so that your navel is covered by your thumb, then put your hand. Breath INHALE as you imagine yourself surrounded by a blanket of energy EXHALE gradually. INHALE and say to yourself,”I’m being pulled from the infinite field of possibilities…” EXHALE and say to yourself,”. REPEAT this for as long as you’d like. The night knowing that your body mind and soul is soothing.

The 10 manners are awesome, inexpensive and in reality ways to create and establish well-being, health and happiness on your life. However, I think that a beneficial and 11th way to health happiness and well-being is to talk with others. To share with friends and your loved ones by experiencing, showing them telling them. Tell them the things which you’re currently doing. Everybody can learn from each other talk about your joy, your health and your that you meet. Together we can move the world and the world. Create It!

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